What I Am Expected…

When you are in school, they ask for good grades
When you get straight A’s, they ask for advanced degrees
When you get a PhD, they ask for promising jobs
When you get well paid, they ask for xxx-in-law (And must be heterosexual!)
When you get married, they ask for grandchildren (Yes! Plural!)
When you get kids, they ask you to ask your kids for doing the same thing they once expected you to

Crab! This loop never ends!

Familiar? I’m from Taiwan and what about you?

My mom in particular enjoys quoting Taiwan’s most famous dictator — Chiang Kai-shek — to remind us the old time and to ask us to live in the old time! He once said,

(The meaning of life is to create continual lives)

which I found ridiculously funny. He was no doubt a “hero” in his era in settling down the mess (or running away?) between the ROC and the communists (which later established the PRC); however in regard to humanity, spirituality, and freedom, he was totally a bad ass. I wonder how much would it take for people in Taiwan to learn the reality, to accept the true liberty, and to be freed from the so-called tradition!

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