Carry On by fun.

The lyrics’ awesome! Of course, the hook is the essence. It tells us to do whatever brought you here and continue on doing so. It could be that you are in a miserable state, but how could it matter if you are here with your whole heart?

If you’re lost and alone

Or you’re sinking like a stone

Carry on

Later it happened to me that my favorite line is this one —

I am not the ghost you want of me

It reminds me of some note, and here’s to the writer: I understand your kindness knowing that you are sweet yet naive to the world. However, it’s never ok to use that words even if you do think so in good ways. Because to me, they are not! They are words of jealous, charging me why I look so happy after ruining each other. I’ve struggled to! I’ve acted and played hard to! My life, my sucking life, which I’ve lived in with the entire me to make it my way. I am not at all sorry for unable to be the ghost you want of me!